Our Mission

The members of The Harrisburg Singers seek to set the standard for virtuosity and tonal beauty in choral performance for Central Pennsylvania and beyond. We aspire to be innovative, inspiring, and artistically adventuresome. We dedicate ourselves to imparting to our audiences the real joy that lives in great choral literature from a variety of musical traditions. Through disciplined preparation and thoughtful development of our repertoire, we strive to enrich our listeners, regardless of age or background, with an experience they will long remember and look forward to enjoying again.

“The Harrisburg Singers have the ability to crawl up inside my music and make it their own.”
— K. Lee Scott, Composer


  • Karen Chevarria

  • Judith M. Durrell

  • Wendy J. Faust

  • Barbara Hunn

  • Margeaux Katz-Sgrignoli (on leave)

  • Barbara Clippinger Lewis *

  • Nancy Moore

  • Marianne Moran

  • Katie Sharbaugh (student intern)

  • Sheryl Simmons

  • Julie Stambaugh

  • Jonneke van Olden (on leave)

  • Cathy Wedemeyer


  • Sally Cummins *

  • Sarah DeBrunner

  • Breanna Echelmeier

  • Pam Eusi

  • Sharon Gibbons (on leave)

  • Jeanne Hostetler

  • Molly Mullins

  • Cindy Musser

  • Sarah Pugh

  • Elizabeth Richwine

  • Tracey Waughen

  • Melissa Whitman


  • Timothy Dawson

  • Samuel Fultz

  • Jason Genise-Gdula

  • Ron Livingston *

  • Alex McQuade (student intern)

  • Christopher Mirocco

  • William L. Murray

  • Travis Varner


  • Dan Asmus * +

  • Charlie Beckley

  • AJ Frownfelter (student intern)

  • Robin Lesher

  • Brian McClinton

  • Mark Richwine

  • Emanuel Rios

  • Gerald Seiler

  • Richard Stare

  • Robert Sutton

  • Alan Wenrich

* Section Leader

+ Assistant Director